Rare Earth
Information about Rare Earth
  • Rare earth metals hold a special position among raw materials.
  • They are an indispensable component of the industrial production.
  • Since they are not reproducible, the value continuously increases with the shortage of resources.
  • Many innovative technological developments such as LCD- and plasma displays, smartphones, smoke particle filters, wind turbines and batteries for e-cars were facilitated by the usage of these raw materials in the first place. Rare earth is indispensable for the development of such key technologies.
  • The Industrial Minerals Company of Australia’s (IMCOA) forecast shows that the global consumption of rare earth could increase from 200,000 tons up to 240,000 per year until 2020.
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Worldwide development of demand of rare earth according to selected areas of application in the time period of the years 2010 to 2015

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