We introduce ourselves

Investing in ideas

      means to believe
   in the future!

A successful company

The company is family-owned until today. Our customers include pension funds, leasing-, insurance- and capital companies.

The Foundation of Success
  • Our professionally managed Venture-Capital-Portfolio with investments in future oriented industries and startups.
  • Our investments aim to participate in as many elements of the value chain as possible.
  • Investments are broadly diversified and will be extended according to the current market conditions and trends.
  • We believe in the power of ideas and the strength of people to set things in motion.
  • We always aim at longterm financial commitments with above average profit opportunities.


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Our Management

We have an experienced top management team of financial- and investment experts as well as lawyers and industry experts. We can provide an established network and a successful sales team with reputable partners.

Our competent portfolio management team carries out the management and consulting of the investment companies.

In the previous years we have proven
that our business model shows growth.

  • Study: Germans want the school subject “Money and Finance”. According to the study of „comdirect Wertpapierradar Deutschland" it is useful to introduce an obligatory subject “Money and Finance”.

  • „The printing press is still running." The current decline in share price at many stock markets give a preview of the upcoming interest rate.